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OCZ DDR 256MB PC3700 Enhanced Latency Series DDR RAM

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PC3500 - DDR433 - 433Mhz Bus

433MHz DDR RAM has emerged in the market. For more information, see our PC3500 RAM page. Like PC3200, these components are marketed towards computer enthuisiasts looking to push the speed limits of their PC's. PC3500 DDR433 modules that are available on the market include:

PC3500 DDR433 memory modules can also be found on PriceGrabber and eBay.

PC3200 - DDR400 - 400Mhz Bus

While not quite an official JEDEC standard, DDR400 motherboards and PC3200 RAM have emerged in the market. For more information, see our DDR Motherboards for the details. These components are marketed towards computer enthuisiasts looking to push the speed limits of their PC's (usually for gaming purposes or bragging rights). However, most complete system PC's being released on the market are still using standard PC2100 DDR RAM which also so happens to cost less than the faster DDR333 or DDR400 RAM. If you are here looking for what RAM you need, try using our RAM Finder. PC3200 DDR400 that are available on the market include:

PC2700 - DDR333 - 333Mhz Bus

PC2700 (also know as DDR333) memory is now mainstream and a official JEDEC standard. Crucial is now selling PC2700 DDR memory modules in 256MB and 128MB sizes. This DDR memory is able to run at speeds up to 333Mhz. Only a handful of the latest motherboards support this fast memory. The good thing is that DDR RAM is backwards compatible, so if you are thinking about upgrading in the future, you should buy PC2700 now, because you can run it at lower clock speeds such as 266Mhz like PC2100 RAM or 200Mhz like PC1600 RAM on your older DDR motherboard, then if you ever upgrade to a PC2700 motherboard you can still use your RAM.

PC2100 - DDR266 - 266Mhz Bus

Speed is the name of the game in the world of technology. Industry performance standards are always advancing rapidly. Lately, you may have been told that PC100 or PC133 memory is the fastest memory available for your home computer systems, but not surprisingly that has already changed. PC100 and PC133 are ratings for DIMMs (SDRAM). The latest generation of SDRAM is called DDR RAM (Double Data Rate RAM). DDR RAM has twice bandwidth of standard SDRAM. This boost in performance is allowing personal computers to move data a whole lot faster. The result is more realistic video rendering, both in the professional graphics design and gaming worlds.

DDR Memory Information

The intent of this website is to provide consumers with information about DDR memory and how it is beneficial to them. You can follow what is happening in the DDR memory scene on our DDR News Headlines. We recommend Micron's Crucial products because we feel they provide the best memory products on the market. You can read more about why we recommend Crucial on our About Crucial Technology page.

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DDR News

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Samsung DDR333 Memory Solutions for High-Performance PCs Receive Intel Validation


256MB PC2100 DDR

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