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Corsair XMS Extreme Memory 512MB PC2700 DDR 333MHz

RAM Finder

If you are unsure as to whether your computer supports DDR RAM, SDRAM, or possibly a different memory type altogether, this RAM finder will set you straight by showing you the memory requirements and which type of memory is in fact the right memory for your computer. If you are concerned whether your computer systemís memory is already pegged to the maximum or are simply wanting to take advantage of currently low memory pricing and peg out the RAM on your system while itís cheap, this memory configurator tool will also give you detailed specs about the maximum memory configuration of your system.

Use the memory selector below to begin. Select which type of computer, laptop, or motherboard you have. The memory selector can also determine which type of memory is needed for your digital camera, mp3 player, or other portable device.

Memory Selector

If you are an advanced computer user and know what type of memory you are already looking for, simply choose from the list below.

Advanced Memory Search

Rambus RDRAM Memory

If your computer requires Rambus RDRAM, this is different memory technology than DDR memory. Most Pentium 4 systems with Intel chipsets to this date require RDRAM due to a financial contract Intel has with Rambus to promote their product. Here is a list of where you can buy PC800 RDRAM if you need it. RDRAM must be installed in pairs and empty slots must be filled with spacer modules.

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DDR News

TI Releases New DDR Memory Module Register Components for the PC2700 Platform; Enhanced SSTV 'F' Component Improves Memory System Performance

Via releases new Athlon chipset

Samsung DDR333 Memory Solutions for High-Performance PCs Receive Intel Validation


256MB PC2100 DDR

512MB PC2100 DDR

256MB PC2700 DDR

256MB PC2100 DDR ECC

512MB PC2100 DDR ECC

256MB PC133

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